Welcome! And a nervous ‘hello’…

Well hello there, and thank you for visiting Beehive Yarns. This is my first, rather shaky attempt at a blog post. I’m hoping I can keep it up…

I say ‘nervous’ hello in the title because, having spent the good part of 6 months on the lead up to the launch of Beehive Yarns on June 1st (arghhhh, it’s almost here!) I now find myself teetering on the edge of having a REAL website and – yes – a REAL business. Scary, no? But then I take a look around my (cluttered, terribly cluttered) room at Beehive HQ where I am surrounded by gorgeous squishy yarn and I see that it’s really not that scary. How could THIS be scary?


Or this (*stops to give it a squeeze*)?


The last week or so has seen me busy on the last minute prep for my first shop update. Photographing yarn is fun (photographing me not so much). My good friend Jon popped round at the weekend to take the shots of yours truly and he was aided and abetted by my glamorous assistant Joshua. And dinosaurs, always dinosaurs.


With all the yarn photo’d and sorted for the shop it only leaves me upload them to Etsy and wave the skeins a fond farewell. Grand opening is at 10am BST on Thursday 1st June…ย I hope to see you there!

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek…
Beth x

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One thought on “Welcome! And a nervous ‘hello’…

  1. Lovely website. Good luck for the big launch tomorrow…I hope I manage to snag some as I am out and about with the kids in the morning so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that there’s some left when I get back!

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